The First International Symposium on Dialectical Thinking
22-24 июня 2017

Goal: discussion of research outcome and different approaches to dialectical thinking development in education and consulting.
researchers, consultants, psychotherapists, teachers.
Key topics:
Discussion of theoretical and methodological approaches to studying of dialectical thinking,
Discussion of experimental research works - outcome in the area of dialectical thinking,
Design of educational practice for dialectical thinking development at various ages (from nursery institution to university), and
Design of consulting practice for adult professionals focused on dialectical thinking development.
О симпозиуме

22-24 июня 2017 года в Московском городском педагогическом университете прошел Первый международный симпозиум по диалектическому мышлению.

В мероприятии приняли участие психологи, педагоги и практики-консультанты, работающие с этой темой, которые обсудили результаты исследований и подходов к организации образовательных и консультационных практик.

The First International Symposium on Dialectical Thinking
How does development happen? How does creativity work? What are the mechanisms and levels of transformation of contradictory situations? We think that dialectical thinking is a construct that can provide us with the key to understanding and answering multiple topical questions. Active research work in psychological science is being conducted all around the world. The First International Symposium on Dialectical Thinking became a common discussion platform both for researchers and practitioners. This is why such a significant amount of time in the agenda is given to the discussion of presentations. We would be happy if within those discussions a new promising direction emerges, the one to be called - dialectical psychology - and to integrate advanced ideas and inventions of all participants.

Russian science features a rich history of studies of dialectics. Nowadays a structural dialectical approach is developing rapidly in Russian psychology. The concept of dialectical thinking is the cornerstone within its framework, and it's understood as handling with oppositions.

Here you can find publications of research works conducted by this psychological school
Structural approach to dialectic cognition

Multidimensionality of thinking in the context of creativity studies

About one method of testing the dealectical thinking of preschool children
Vygotsky's Hamlet: the dialectic method and personality Psychology
Positional method of teaching for university students

Structural dialectical approach in psychology: problems and research results
Organizational committee
  • Nikolay E.
    professor, PhD,
    Moscow City University
  • Anastasiya K. Belolutskaya
    Moscow City University
  • Igor B.
    Moscow City University
  • Olga A.
    Moscow City University
Moscow City University
8, Sadovaya-Samotechaya str., Moscow

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